IT Consulting

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What are your pain points?

What issues are you having?  What’s not working properly? What don’t you like about how things work currently?  Is there something you do on a regular basis that you really dislike having to do?  How can I make your life easier?


How can I save you time?

No kidding, time is one of your biggest assets.  I want to make your life easier by automating tasks for you, handling problems for you, and streamlining your processes so you can focus on what’s important.

How can I save you money?

Being in business is expensive, and costs add up quickly.  One of the things that I aim to do is help you look at where you’re spending your money on IT costs, how much you really need, and if there are any discounts you’re missing out on.  Any money I can save you means more money you can put into fun things like projects, employee bonuses, or your bottom line.


So now what?

Simple.  Tap on the menu in the top right corner to call, text, or email me.

I offer a free 1-hour consultation for any new clients, so we can sit and talk in depth about what your needs are to see if we’ll be a good fit.  If you decide to move forward, you’ll be given an estimate of time and cost so there are no surprises.


What can Daemonstrate help with?

I’ve been working in IT for 22 years, so I have seen and experienced working with many different software and hardware solutions.  Here are just a few of the things that I can help your business with:

Security: Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Hardening, Best Practices, and general “Red Team” and “Blue Team” needs.

Startup growth management: If you’ve reached a point where you’re growing faster than you can handle, I’m here to help you find solutions that are scalable and work best to fit your growing team’s needs.

Server Installation/Management (VMWare, Hyper-V, Windows Server, Linux server, Mac Server)

Email management and migrations (Office365, Google Suite, and more)

Wireless and Wired Networking

Website management and hosting

And much, much more.  Reach out for any questions

Who uses Daemonstrate's services?

My focus has been primarily on helping the nonprofit sector.  I love helping churches and mission based nonprofits, which is why I offer a discounted rate for nonprofits.

That being said, I still have a number of clients across many different sectors.  I’m here to help regardless of your industry.